C1 - Focus on the poorest, most marginalised and unserved aimed at progressively eliminating inequalities in access and use and implement national and local strategies with an emphasis on equity and sustainability (national & subnational)

C2 - Mobilise support and resources at the highest political level for sanitation and hygiene to disproportionately prioritise sanitation and hygiene in national development plans

C3 - Establish and track sanitation and hygiene budget lines that consistently increase annually to reach a minimum of 0.5% GDP

C4 - Ensure strong leadership and coordination at all levels to build and sustain governance for sanitation and hygiene across sectors especially water, health, nutrition, education, gender and the environment (national and subnational)

C5 - Develop and fund strategies to bridge the sanitation and hygiene human resource capacity gap at all levels (national and sub-national)

C6 - Ensure inclusive, safely-managed sanitation services and functional hand-washing facilities in public institutions and spaces (national and sub-national)

C7 - Progressively eliminate untreated waste, encouraging its productive use (urban, rural)

C8 - Enable and engage the private sector in developing innovative sanitation and hygiene products and services especially for the marginalised and unserved (urban/rural)

C9 - Establish government-led monitoring, reporting, evaluation, learning and review systems (national and sub-national)